NABERS | Lean Construction

NABERS Accredited Assessor

Savvy businesses understand the benefits of efficiency, both in terms of workforce productivity and building performance. ATEC Solutions works with clients to optimise their facility performance – often called ‘building tuning’ – and can provide a NABERS Energy rating via our NABERS accredited assessors. We also show construction companies how they can implement lean practises into their business to increase workforce utilisation, resulting in increased profits through less rework and faster completion. We have successfully implemented lean manufacturing techniques into the construction industry and have measured data illustrating the program improvements, reduced costs and improved bottom line. ATEC Solutions provides:

  • NABERS accredited assessors
  • Lean Six Sigma accredited practitioners
  • Lean Construction

“Combining Mark’s sound technical knowledge and experience, methodical manner and approachable management style, Mark is able to create an energy and culture of loyalty throughout the team, which allows him to stand out as a leader within the industry. Having personally worked alongside Mark, I see him as not only a peer but a mentor who has helped me grow into the position and person I am today and he will continue to be a trusted sounding board and partner for myself and future teams I am involved in. ”

Toby Herniman
Head of Industrial – Acciona Construction Australia