Energy Project Management

Our experience in renewable energy began in 2009 coincidentally when the federal Renewable Energy Target (RET) was mandated, requiring 20 per cent of Australia’s energy to be from renewable sources. We specialise in various technologies including wind, solar and more recently, pumped hydro energy storage. We have bid and delivered projects in Balance of Plant (BoP) and EPC capacities, working with developers, financiers, designers, OEMs and contractors to construct some of the largest renewable energy projects in the Southern Hemisphere, including:

  • NSW Pumped Hydro Energy program
  • Cultana 250 MW Pumped Hydro Energy Storage $477 million (EPC)
  • Coppabella 285 MW Wind Farm $200 million (Balance of Plant)
  • Stockyard Hill 530 MW Wind Farm $250 million (Balance of Plant)
  • Yaloak South 28 MW Wind Farm $18 million (Balance of Plant)
  • Nyngan 102 MW PV Solar Farm $45million (Balance of Plant)
  • Sunraysia 2 MW CPV Solar Farm $12 million (Alliance)

“Combining Mark’s sound technical knowledge and experience, methodical manner and approachable management style, Mark is able to create an energy and culture of loyalty throughout the team, which allows him to stand out as a leader within the industry. Having personally worked alongside Mark, I see him as not only a peer but a mentor who has helped me grow into the position and person I am today and he will continue to be a trusted sounding board and partner for myself and future teams I am involved in. ”

Toby Herniman
Head of Industrial – Acciona Construction Australia